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Plant your seeds with intention,

 water, feed and nourish them with love, 

then watch your roots rise... 


My seeds, my story, my roots...​

My career as a chef began in 2004 in Byron Bay, on the East Coast of Australia.

In 2010, I fell very ill. Whilst Western medicine failed to diagnose or provide any answers, I turned to Chinese Medicine. I discovered the use of food as medicine and a relationship between the two developed.

This relationship led to the road to my recovery and the beginning of an incredible journey, one I am deeply passionate about.

The seeds for Roots Rising were planted in 2013 and have been growing ever since...

Roots Rising is an alternative bakery providing options for those that cannot or choose not to eat gluten, wheat, grains, dairy, animal products or sugar. 

We continually strive to encompass the importance of locally sourced, seasonal, simple ingredients. 


We believe that as Mother Nature continues to provide, nourish, nurture and heal us through her abundance, it is her gift to us. 

- We are forever grateful -





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