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Is you product safe for Celiacs?

Absolutely! Our kitchen is 100% Gluten Free  


Is your product available in stores? 

Currently our product is only available at our Storefront, the Comox Valley Farmers Market and the Downtown Courtenay Night Market


Do you offer delivery ? 

Unfortunately we don't offer this service


Can I place an order for pick up? 

Absolutely! You can pre-order 2 days prior for pick up at the Markets. 

Our Specialty cakes are available for pick up any day of the week in Union Bay.  


Do you have nutritional information for your products?

Unfortunately we only offer Carb counts on our Keto products - these can be found on the Primal Roots Range page listed next to each individual item. 


Do you use soy?

No, we don't use Soy in any of our products 


What do you use in place of sugar? 

It depends on the product. We primarily use Monk Fruit, Swerve, Apple Sauce, pureed Dates and Bananas.


Do you have carb counts for your Keto products? 

Yes, these can be found on the Primal Roots Range page listed next to each individual item. 


What is the best way to store your Bread?

The Rising Roots Range is best sliced and frozen the day it is baked to retain freshness - it will start to dry out if left out.

The Primal Roots Range can be left out for 2-3 days before freezing if preferred. We place loaf cut side down on the cutting board.


The Wild Roots Range is similar to the Primal Roots Range. You may leave it out for 2-3 days if preferred, cut side down on a chopping board. 

We slice our bread and put it into freezer / zip lock bags to minimize freezer burn. Breads will remain fresh like this for up to 6 months. 


Yes we offer wholesale. Contact us for further information.

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